Friday, December 28, 2007

Parrish Scores 200 (oh and the Wild won)

Last night Mark Parrish, my new favorite player on the team, scored his 200th NHL goal. He's quite excited about this, but managed to contain himself long enough to give a polite and informative interview while probably thinking that Mike Greenlay is an idiot. Congrats to you, Mr. Parrish, and I hope they are right that you will now score a million goals in a row.

It was a pretty good game last night against the Coyotes. I missed the first part of the game while watching an excellent steamrolling of the Lightning by the Habs. When I flipped over to the Wild game, the score was already 1-0. I tried this tactic with the Oilers, since when I left them, they were up 1-0 also, but they unfortunately lost 2-1 to the Ducks. Anyways, the Wild beat the Coyotes 3-2 with Bryzgalov in net. Sadly he was not interviewed last night, which bums me out because he is always entertaining. It could just be that he has a really high-pitched voice and a very um, interesting command of English. In addition to getting his 200th goal, Parrish was on the ice and in front of the net for the other two goals for the Wild. Sounds like things are starting to come together better for him at the moment. Coach Gretzky looked slightly less upset than usual, which is good, considering they really had the Wild on the run towards the end of the game. I started to get nervous, especially after the Coyotes scored late in the game. All is well, and we play the Oilers on Saturday at the X. As I mentioned before, I'll be there with my family mostly cheering for the Wild. According to Russo of the Star Tribune, Mikko Koivu skated for 40 minutes on his own the other day. This is excellent news on the Koivu front. I wish him a continued speedy recovery. We need someone to win faceoffs.

Last night was a rare treat as we got to have HNIC on a Thursday night. The first game was the Habs vs. Lightning (GO HABS GO) and the second was the Canucks vs. the Shames. The Canucks won that one 5-3 I believe while the Habs won 5-1. Hopefully there will be another HNIC on Saturday. That would be a double bonus. Clearly the Oilers won't be on the Late Game that night as the Wild game starts on time, whereas it would have to start at 9 or 10 PM CST to be the correct timing for the Late Game.

WJC update: Canada is now 2-0! WHOO! CANADA FOR THE WIN!

This is my new wallpaper on my computer in honour of the WJCs. I love it.


jdoghooey said...

I'm pulling for Parrish. He's been under a microscope being the hometown kid and he's always been a great interview, so hopefully he can continue to put the puck in the net. At the start of the season he told PA and Dubay on KFAN that he wanted 30 goals this year.

Follow-up to your WJC update: USA is 2-0 as well after beating Switzerland. Maybe we're on track for a USA/Canada final...

Kirsten said...

I've liked Parrish ever since he came to the team. He seems to be a very good guy, and I can't fault his work ethic, as he's out there trying hard every night. Even when he wasn't scoring he was still creating screens and getting shots on net, so I knew it was bound to happen. I feel a bit bad for him that he's so scrutinized, but he seems to be handling it pretty well after he got settled in. I don't know about 30 goals this year, but I bet he can get at least 20, maybe 25.

Thanks for the update, I must admit, I don't pay a lot of attention to Team USA. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it came to a Canada/USA final.

Finny said...

awwwwww.... GO CANADA!!! I miss the WJCs. :) it's awesome.

yes, I saw my boy OB on TV. I love it. I love him. LOL. I totally miss him...


Paul said...

I definitely enjoyed your comments on the game, Kirsten. Special teams were obviously the difference in this one, but they cannot expect to win on a regular basis if they continue to allow a ton of shots each game. Once in a while I can see it if the game opens up for both teams, but not just the opposition getting that many chances.

Either way, it was a bounce back win the Wild needed considering the disaster from the night before.

Where's the love for Team USA? No American hockey fans pulling for our own boys? Rooting for Canada? What's up with that, ladies? That just doesn't sit with me very well. Maybe there will be more rooting for us (bandwagoners probably) instead of our rival neighbor now that the Canadians had their 20-game win streak snapped last night. HA!

Kirsten said...

I've just never gotten into Team USA. All of my favorite players were always playing for Canada, and the habit of cheering for them has stuck with me.

Here's to hoping we don't suck vs. San Jose!