Thursday, December 13, 2007

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The Wild against any remotely good team

So there was a game on Tuesday apparently. I went to a concert instead of watching it, and it sounds like I made an excellent decision. (besides the fact that it was an amazing concert) The Wild got destroyed 4-1 by the Sharks. Oops. C'mon Captain Grumpy( so named because his teammates call him Grumpy, it's written on his sticks and he's the captain for the month), you need to make a Wes Walz speech and kick the team into gear. We need some road wins.

Coming up the Wild will swing through SoCal, but I unfortunately will be studying for/taking an exam during both of those games, so I would ask you to seek out Finny of Girl With a Puck and Earl Sleek over at Battle of California for their takes on the game. For the Kings: kms2 at Purple Crushed Velvet, Ckim at A Queen Among Kings (she's going to be at the game), and RudyKelly also of Battle of California. These fine bloggers will give the enemy opinion on the games in addition to the Wild Blogosphere listed at right. I will be mostly MIA until Sunday when I fly home. I have calculated that I have an 11 hour travel time, so I'll be bored hanging around in airports. Here's to hoping that Scott Niedermayer doesn't make his season debut against the Wild.

Manny Fernandez will need knee surgery and is likely out for the season. DR, I know I give you a lot of crap and say that I think you suck at life quite frequently, but getting rid of Manny seems like a pretty genius move just now.

Joe Sakic is still out with a groin injury, and I'm really hoping this doesn't mean he's slowing down. I know he's the type of player that will retire as soon as he feels he isn't playing at the same level anymore, and I'd really hate to see him go.

Mikko Koivu looks doubtful for the SoCal swing, but I'm REALLY, REALLY hoping he will heal quickly and rejoin the team. They need him like nobody's business.

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Nick in New York said...

The Wild need two points, minimum, out of the next two games. If Scott plays tonight, I'd like to see someone (Voros/Fedoruk) crush him (legally) into the end boards to welcome him back to the NHL. Even having to fight Parros and riling up Hayseed would be worth it.