Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Liveblogging the Broad Street Bully Wannabes

I came back from dinner at the halfway point of the game just in time to hear the announcers talking about how great they think Steve Downie is...

Second half of First:
Score is 1-0
NOOOOOO! That was a horrible play. 2-0 BSBW.
Dominique Moore? Apparently we have a woman on our team now...
Are these announcers homers much? Jesus.
Timmonen looks like he just got nutted...announcer says he's "writhing in pain".
Centre Ice just cut out on me! Hosers! Oh here we got, Timmonen icing his midsection.
Whoo! Gaborik breakaway! Or not. WHY! WHY DO YOU FAIL AT BREAKAWAYS!
Interviewing some Flyer and putting out fresh towels.
There is now a random thing called "Coatesy's Corner". Whatever. Not nearly as good as watching Don Cherry turn purple.

Second Period:
My roommate took an interest in the game randomly, so I'm teaching her about the great game of hockey.
What's with all the stupid penalties?
Watch yourself Fedoruk. You had better believe the league is watching, hits like that are what keeps getting the Flyers suspended. Please try to forget you ever played for them.
WHOOO! I almost forgot. Did you guys see that absolutely sick goal? Awesome.
Yet again, interviewing some random Flyer.

Third Period:
CRAP! What was that? Co'mon, you guys are better than that. 3-1 Flyers.
So close, then a bunch of random punching, with Lupul trying to look tough. Just a hint for's not working.
It's never Keith Carney, it's always Veteran Defenceman Keith Carney. At least according to the announcers. It's so random.

That was ridiculous. I was not pleased with those goals. Good thing I just picked up another goalie today, trade pending. That goal we got was sweet, though.

Oh yeah and that Scott Niedermayer guy is back. TSN is all over it.

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Maggie said...

Our power play sucks like a Hoover! We blew 2 long 5 on 3's amongst the other random PP. By the end of the game it was just a relief to have it over with. Burns had another somewhat shaky game and don't get me started on Skoula and Rolston. Aarrggghhh!