Sunday, December 2, 2007

Game previews, Captains, and limericks

C is for captain, that's good enough for me-What Cookie Monster would have sung if he were a cool kid and a hockey fan instead of a cookie fan.

Today the Wild will play the Canucks. Whoppee, more division rivals. All I have to say is we had better beat the crap out of them. Koivu isn't skating and is in the IR, so I'm going to guess he won't play for a bit. I need my boys Rolston, Bouchard, and goalies to be sharp tonight for my fantasy team! I've had a rather tough week, but I might be able to pull off a win tonight.

Mark Parrish has been named the captain for the month of December. Congrats to "Captain Grumpy"! He used a lot of words like proud and honoured when asked for his reaction to being named captain for the third time. Here's to December being much better than November! As the above picture illustrates, I'm just really not a fan of Brian Rolston as captain. No particular reason why, I'm not just not.

Also, the first person that can find a the video clip played on the NHL Network/TSN of Parrish fishing and breaking his boat will be my hero forever.

Speaking of Captains, everyone should check out SportSquee. Margee has, as usual, posted a brilliant investigation into the secret lives of the NHL's captains. Sakic's is my favorite. (No, not just because it's Sakic.)

Clearly Janessa was bored in the shower today, because she created this limerick about Jarret Stoll. There are more of these on HF, including an excellent one about Pierre McGuire.

There was a boy from Sask who played for the Oil
He could really fire the puck
The next C he'll wear
The Oiler fans swear
Until he started to suck

And one about Cam Barker:
Cam Barker was drafted overall third
Whose play was increadibly absurd
He was supposedly the best
Even though there was the rest
He made Tigers fans say curse words

Don't forget to vote for your favorite NHLers for the All-Star game! I have a link up...use it! Backstrom needs some love, he's not doing as well as he could be.


Margee said...

You totally prompted me to vote 1,235,654 times this afternoon. Expect DiPietro to spike in the standings.

Kirsten said...

Excellent. I will look for it as I may or may not have cast a few votes for Mr. DiPietro myself. All inspired by my favorite Isles genius of course and maybe a few other things.

Steph said...

Hahaha poor Stoli! At least he has his cute obnoxiously patterned shorts and his nice erm...cheekbones. (That's TOTALLY where that sentences was going for the beginning, I promise. Umm.)

Kirsten said...

God, those shorts are SO obnoxious. In fact, I may have to post a picture of them. Which cheeks are you referring to?

Steph said...

I have seen about three different sets of pictures of him with Rachel Hunter (...really, Stoli?) with three separate pairs of horrendously patterned shorts. I'm starting to think he has a thing.

And uh, I'll leave that up to you to infer :)

KMS2 said...

"Captain Grumpy"

Why do you call him that??

I need to vote more. My boy Kopi needs more lovin'.

Kirsten said...

Because his nickname is "Grumpy", and he's not the captain, so he's Captain Grumpy. I don't actually know why the guys call him that, but it's written on his sticks.