Thursday, December 6, 2007

What now, Detroit?

They need to change the name of their restaurant...

St. Paul has officially been named the new "Hockeytown" according to Yahoo!.

Oh yeah, and we play them tomorrow. Should be an interesting game to say the least. Steph, you and I are just not friends this week I see, but good job in getting Hemsky back. I appreciate it.

I may not have a lot of time to post until after tomorrow/Saturday/maybe beyond since it's finals week, so I invite you to check out all of the awesome blogs in my sidebar from around the NHL...

If you dislike Bucci : Check out A Queen Among Kings, or Hockey Blog in Canada

If you need to laugh until you hurt: Sportsquee, Barry Melrose Rocks, and Covered in Oil are good choices.

Eye Candy: Hot Oil is having their annual "Hot Off" to determine the hottest Oiler on the team.

Enemy opinions: Steph over at No Pun Intended will fill you in on the Wings, and Bethany at Bethany's Hockey Rants has the Blue Jackets covered.

If you are jumping up and down with glee because Scott Niedermayer is coming back, I'm sure Finny at Girl with a Puck, and Earl Sleek at Battle of California would love to join you in celebration.

And as always if you are bored (or procrastinating)...YouTube is your friend! If you are a really good person, you will vote for your favorite NHL players for the All-Star ballot.

I'll be sure and put up awesome posts once I'm back in MN and able to see the team in person, shoot the breeze with random people, talk to opposing fans, er I mean heckle them, and I won't be doing mountains of homework every day so I'll actually have time to surf the net and/or find something cool to put up.

Wildblogosphere: Wild Puck Banter has a new contributer who also likes Mark Parrish and Mikko Koivu. You should check it out. *nudge*


Maggie said...

I hate to tell you this dude, but he doesn't like Bomber. The new blogger I mean.

Kirsten said...

What? How do you know? That makes me sad.

The Aaaahj said...

FYI, RWD is a she.

Steph said...

Apparently, we weren't happy with you trying to steal our moniker.

(But you're welcome about Hemsky, I think my nursing skills are improving.)

Kirsten said...

Clearly. That was really not ok...that game was a waste of my precious bandwidth.

It's true! He got at least one assist last night. Thank you for your help. Now he's going to need you for injuries that *I* will be inflicting.

Steph said...

Think of it this way, you go to watch it, and inform me the score, so that I could in turn inform the entire section I was working at the Broncos game, thus making a whole lot of people very happy. Yes? Right? I know you're thrilled.

Just don't hurt him too bad! He needs every bit of help he can get to beat Chopper this week (ha...ha...somehow I don't think it's happening.)