Sunday, December 23, 2007

Yippee! We killed the Rangers!

Shot taken of the scoreboard after the game
Take that Rangers! You are not welcome in Minnesota, according to Marian Gaborik and Wild fans. The fans were all over that game, especially after Brent Burns hit that dude, making him fall down really hard. There really isn't a whole lot more to say about it. I believe Brendan Shanahan made some polite comments about how it was the game of a lifetime, etc, but I can't find them right now. He was denied hardcore several times by Harding as the Rangers tried to bring the game back. They way outplayed us in the third, but we were unstoppable. Too bad they didn't save a few of those goals for the Red Wings...

Even more entertaining than the destruction of the Rangers were the comments made by Coach Renney after the game. He got a penalty for "abusing the refs" the official penalty was called "abuse of officials". I didn't know they had those.

"I pride myself on how I respect the whole operation of the National Hockey League and the officiating therein," coach Tom Renney said. "I'm that way because I'm sincere about it. In the heat of the moment players will lose the handle too. I'm disappointed with the way things transpired. But it's no excuse."
Quote courtesy of TSN


KMS2 said...

the official penalty was called "abuse of officials".

I wouldn't be surprised if that's what Rob Blake was slapped with when he was ejected. Not that I'm still bitter about it...

Kirsten said...

Not at all, after all, why should you be? It's not like it was a horrible call or anything.

Paul said...

Kirsten, nice blog! You definitely have a good sense of humor in your entries. Sorry to hear you were stuck at Portland International Airport for a while. But at least you got to write about some hockey while you killed some time waiting for your flight.

Oh, I have heard of the Hockey's Ladies of Greatness site, but haven't read some of the fans' blogs yet. It's ALWAYS great to hear from the female hockey fans ANYTIME. There are not enough that do.

About the game, Burns should've been called for elbowing Petr Prucha in the head, but not for laying out Fedor Tyutin. The Rangers had a legit beef on that, but that can blame themselves for taking the bench minor for complaining too long on the non-call.

Either way, it was such an awesome night and how wonderful it was to see Gabby make history. I don't post often on the Wild message board, but showed them an "unofficial" article I wrote on the game. If you would like to check it out, go to, click the "sports" tab, then the NHL tab and scroll down the article list. You'll find it there. Hope ya like it!

Hopefully the Wild can go down to Dallas and lay a beat-down on those friggin' Stars!

Kirsten said...

Paul-Thank you! Renney seems to have a problem with ref abuse.

I hadn't really seen many female Wild blogs out there, so I decided that was my cue to make one, and I had just been accepted to write for HLOG, so I thought I had better create one for that as well.

I rarely post on the Wild Message Boards, so thanks for leaving that here, as it's an excellent article that I really enjoyed reading, and probably wouldn't have waded through all the "fire Lemaire" or "Trade Gaborik/Bouchard/Johnsson/the waterboy" threads to read.

Too bad they didn't actually manage to lay a beatdown last night. Hopefully they'll play better against the Oilers and not let it go to a Shootout.