Sunday, December 16, 2007

Portland Needs a Better Airport

I'm currently sitting in the PDX International Airport using the slowest (but free!) WiFi internet connection known to man. I have two hours to kill, so I suppose it doesn't really matter how slow it is.

It has been an extremely stressful last few days, but the stress has been lifted, and in 9 hours I will be home on my parents' couch stuffing my face and watching hockey. It's a good day (minus the unfortunately long travel time).

Friday night I should have been studying harder than I was for my calc exam, but I really wanted to watch the game, so I made up for it on Saturday morning. Nothing makes me happier than FCP FAILING at life. Elly over at No Pun Intended has an excellent post up about why you should blame all of your problems on FCP. It's an excellent read, I highly recommend checking it out. Right, so the Wild schooled the Ducks 5-2. I'm kind of sad that I know they will improve once Scott Niedermayer takes off running (or skating) again, but it's ok. My reward for that is getting to watch him skate. In order to make room for the good Niedermayer, the Ducks ended up dumping Andy McDonald in return for Doug Weight, a prospect whose name is escaping me, and a draft pick. I have to say, I was hoping Burke would have to squirm around and make a bad deal. I'm bumming that the Wild couldn't have picked up Andy McDonald, because I think he would have been a good fit. Now that he is no longer a Duck, my liking for him has gone up exponentially.

Last night I recieved a set of excellent updates from my super awesome mom, because I had used up too much internet watching the Ducks game and couldn't watch a second game in 24 hours. There was also the part about how I had a final from 7-10 PM, which was basically the time west coast games run. Woot. I didn't bomb my exam, and the Wild didn't stink up the place, even with Harding starting back to back games. I was surprised to see Harding play, I had put Backstrom in for my fantasy team...and didn't find out until too late.

I'm especially sad that I missed the Early Game on HNIC. The Habs owned the Leafs (not like it's hard) 4-0. I heard rumblings that McCabe got hurt during all of this. I'm sure my Canadian friends either will either gleefully fill me in on the details, or tell me this as they are drinking it off. Anyone know who was on After Hours this week? Did I miss anything good? Stupid Saturday finals, I was home in time for After Hours last year.


Maggie said...

Psst...The Leafs got one goal. Just so you know. Didn't totally embarass themselves-just mostly.

Steph said...

It was MacT on After Hours and he was brilliant. As for what he actually talked about, he addressed the goalie-tandem thing (they're apparently officially using a two goalie system, but he made a big point of saying Roli calls the shots...probably so Roli wouldn't kill him.), praised Stevie for being a veteran presence, tried really really hard not to say that Raffi sucks.

Oh and yay for not bombing exams! (Did the Niedermayers help?)

Teebz said...

I'll tell you right now... McCabe is out 6-8 weeks. All the info is on my blog... including Paul Maurice's bitching and complaining.

Have a good trip home! :o)

Kirsten said...

oops, my bad.

Steph- I'm SO SAD that I missed that. I :heart: MacT. The Niedermayers did not help. They lounged around and were bums.

Teebz-sweet, I'll check it out! Thanks, I had a very long trip home. Many delays were involved.