Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I interupt your regularly scheduled hockey

for this important announcement. BRETT FAVRE HAS RETIRED! Happy times in Minnesota, that's for sure. Bears fans might not be quite as pleased since the team seems to have had his number. TSN is reporting this, and I'm sure ESPN is as well. My grandma is probably going to have a fit, and it's not respectful to speak badly of sick people, but co'mon, it's the Packers. I loathe them and I'm not even a very good football fan.

On to more important news...the Wild beat LA 2-1 on Sunday, but not very impressively. Kms2 says we are welcome for the two points, and I thank my adoptive team for their support of the Wild's playoff quest.

Montreal lost last night, and that makes me very sad for them. They were in first place ( they might still be, I'm too lazy to look up the standings), and I hope they continue to stick it to the Penguins fans and keep their lead!

Up Next: Wild play Chicago at home tonight. It's a 7 PM start on KSTC tonight. I know Elise is stoked about the game, and I really hope they win and start a whole new winning streak against them to make up for the fact that the last game sucked. A lot. Mikko Koivu may or may not play, he had the flu in the very recent past. Josh Harding may be in net for this one. He seems to own the Blackhawks.

Twins: I'm pretty sure they beat the BoSox the other day. I've been trying to read up on the new members of the team so that I can be able to sort of know what's going on when I return home.


jdoghooey said...

Twins v. Yankees on ESPN tomorrow, noon central. Makin' sure it's on your radar!

elise said...

Baby Bradke gave up 3 runs the other day including back to back HRs... :(

Kirsten said...

jdoghooey-thanks! I have class until 2:30 Central tomorrow, but as soon as I'm done with class I will watch the game. I have the TV reserved.

Elise-that makes me sad. :( But at the same time tells me he really is like Bradke.

Jeff said...

Kirsten, great site! I added your site to my hockey blogroll. Check out my Minnesota Sports Daily Site