Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mark Parrish Benched

Last night I was too irritated/tired to talk about this properly, and I will probably get flak for this, but whatever. Parrish was benched, and I was furious. I don't care if this makes me a bad fan with "rose colored glasses", Parrish is my boy, and I only want good things for him.

I blame Wild beat writer Russo (Minneapolis Star Tribune) for this happening. Last time he wrote an article about a player doing poorly, he got to take a seat in the pressbox. Russo writes a less than nice article about Parrish and look where he is next game. I'm half kidding, but at the same time...I definitely blame him for messing with Backstrom on gameday. You can't kill the karma like that, man. Clearly Mr. Russo was not an athlete back in the day, or at least not as ridiculous of an athlete as I am. Nik Backstrom is also more polite than I am, because I would have chewed him out for throwing off my gameday flow.

I didn't want to make a comment on Russo's blog because he wrote a post essentially dissing fans who were supporting Parrish telling them to "take off their rose colored glasses". As for his rant, he should have seen it coming. Like he said, Parrish IS very beloved here, and many people are going to be quick to defend him. Minnesotans (and people in general) tend to be very proud of where they are from and others who are from the same place. I understand that Parrish is not playing well right now, but neither is 80% of the team. Since lately my opinion has not been very welcome on Russo's Rants, I figured I would get blasted by all of the Russo faithful and get called a bad fan if I commented about this on his blog. I still might here, but it's my blog making it different.

Note: I normally mostly respect the work of Mr. Russo, but this one issue has rubbed me wrong. My mom told me to calm down about this, but calming down about things is really not my strong suit in life. This post was not intended to be rude to Michael Russo or anyone who posts on his blog. I have great respect for all of you, I'm just frustrated right now with many things, and it needed to come out somehow.


Bethany said...

I have been bitter at the Dispatch ever since they wrote all that stuff about Adam Foote and claiming "he was going to be a bad Captain and a bad player" I don't believe any of it. So you are perfectly fine being pisseed at Russo.

CKim said...

I'm sorry, Kirsten, I know exactly how you feel. =/ One of the Kings' beat writers slammed Blake saying that he shouldn't be retired by the Kings. Instead he should be given a handshake and sent on his way. I was obviously pissed, but I thought about it and it's only one person's opinion.

Kirsten said...

Bethany-That's crap, but I suppose these people are in the business to sell papers, and making people mad is one way to do that. In the short term at least.

Ckim-this is true, and I have to say, I'm more mad about him ranting about the fans defending Parrish than I am about what he wrote about Parrish. I'm sure MP is a professional and can handle this, but it's not very professional to bash on people for expressing their opinion. Especially when his is so public. What did he really expect?