Monday, March 17, 2008

On a Personal Note

I try to keep this blog all about sports, but right now I seem incapable of making my own decisions, so here goes.
  • I'm entering several March Madness pools. Anyone have any idea of who's going to win? Any strategies that you can share?
  • Does anyone know if Spanish or Chinese would be more useful to an environmental science major?
  • How about French? I speak it fluently and write it pretty well. Maybe I should not take French in favor of Geographical Information Systems?

Next game: So the Wild are playing a lot of division rivals until the end of the season. Colorado is surging, and I'm hoping the Wild can slow them down. Many players have returned from injury for them, including my favorite player alive: JOE SAKIC. I announced today on my friend's sports show that I have a man crush on Sakic, and he responded with, "but you're a girl..." in a very confused voice. Yes, Dillon, I'm not gender confused, I just mean that he's old enough to be my dad/is married, so it's not that kind of crush. It's just a huge one on his wrist shot/captaining skills/awesomeness in general, so therefore it's the typical mancrush. (or what I would define as a mancrush) I'm going to be done making the Avs feel good about themselves now, and hope for a win tomorrow night at 6CDT on VERSUS! OMG, I just realized it's on Versus! I have to go and reserve the TV now.


CKim said...

That's such a good way to put it! "Mancrush!"

Are you required to take a language for an Ag major? And you speak French?? SICK.

Sherry said...

That's kind of how I feel about Alfie, Kirsten! You totally get it!

I get the feeling maybe Spanish will be more useful. I know for Business they tell you that if you want to learn another language it ought to be Chinese since somewhere down the line we'll probably all speak Chinese (like in Firefly! Good thing I'm already ahead of the pack) but for now after English the second most commonly spoken language (again business-wise) is Spanish.

elise said...

I have no input on the languages since I speak German...I took Spanish kindergarten-5th grade but it was a joke so all I know are the colors, numbers, and plotline to the Muzzy movie.

As for March Madness, my pick in UNC...but I'm a bit biased since that's the only college basketball team I watch, so I'm not sure how much you should trust my knowledge on that.

Loser Domi said...

languages: it depends what you plan to study. I'd say Spanish would be useful if you're going into tropical type stuff, but the French may come in handy (but not as much as other languages--trust me I used to be a French major before I switched)

March Madness kinda annoys me, so my stragety is to just close my eyes and pick em that way. Takes like 5 minutes maybe

Kirsten said...

Ckim-I do speak French, I also speak/write German fluently.
I'm required to take a language to graduate, but I have passed out of the language requirement twice over, so that's not a concern, just whichever I want at this point. My advisor has no idea why I wish to take more languages, and then go abroad in the spring to learn Arabic. He says I should be an international business major or something.

Sherry-awesome! I don't see why guys can't understand that we differentiate like that.

Elise-I speak German too! Good times. I studied German and French in high school, and passed the LPE at the U of M. I took Spanish in elementary school too, but now I sort of use it because there are a lot of Spanish speaking people in Salem.

I've heard UNC is pretty much always a good pick.

Loser Domi-the problem is I don't really know what I want to do after school. I still need to figure that out. Maybe it would help my language problem.

Nick in New York said...

From what I've heard, China has some serious environmental issues, er, bubbling to the surface right now. But that's not to say that the many spanish-speaking countries in the world don't also feature some less-than wonderful environmental situations also.

I'm sort of looking at it from a "where would I like to go work in the field in a few years" and China would certainly be unique.

Paul said...

I'm probably not the best person to ask about what language to take given I aced French in 7th and 8th grade and then it went downhill after that. Once I tried to learn Italian while in high school and failed to grasp anything, I gave up. If I had to learn a language again, I'd rather learn French. That's me. I'm so turned off by Spanish for various reasons, I want no part of being "forced" to learn it.

As for tonight's game, if the Wild want to remotely make up for their failures of the past two to three weeks, tonight is the night to get the job done. They're at home, they can reclaim the division lead and solidify their playoff positioning. Anything short of two points is considered in my mind a failure, just like the Devils game, but worse.

CKim said...

Wow, you learn something new everyday! Well, I can only tell you if you were going to settle in northern Cali (Bay Area), go with Cantonese or Mandarin. If you're going with So Cal, go with Spanish. But if you were going to live in downtown LA, go with Korean. =P

Steph said...

I was planning on being in like three different March Madness brackets...until I was informed that because I work for college athletics I'm not allowed. They FIRE people, even when no money is involved! Even on stupid Facebook! I mean what do they think that we have some inside information or anything? I'm still lost as to how the stupid Broncos managed to lose in the first round of the MAC tourney.

I wonder if giving advice also constitutes as participating.

Kirsten said...

NiNY-I'm definitely leaning towards Chinese right now, because they really do have MASSIVE environmental problems that will need to be addressed very soon. Could be cool as long as I don't disappear.

Paul-An interesting point about being forced to take a language. I'm picking up some Spanish just by living here in a place with a lot of Spanish speaking people.

Ckim-I don't plan on living in California, but if I take Chinese I'll be learning Mandarin first, then if I'm decent the prof will teach me Cantonese. I feel like Korean would not really help me at all at this point in time/it's not offered here, but who knows what I'll need to know in 10 years.

Steph-I just found out that I'm banned from betting on all NCAA sports because I'm a registered NCAA athelete. You can have your eligibility revoked if you are caught participating. I agree, it's all stupid.
I doubt advice counts, they can't prove that you told someone to pick another team...

Steph said...

That seems as dumb as banning employees - I mean really? Seriously? I wonder if they really do think we have some sort of advantage we're going to use to win a whole bunch of illegal money, or if it's more just a "hmmm, this will probably reflect really poorly on us if it gets out" sort of bit. Seems stupid to me either way, although I guess having a big office pool here might look a little shady.