Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Win in Regulation!!!

WHOOOOOO! The Wild beat the Avs 3-1 on Monday. It's a good day in the neighborhood. Goals from Burns, Radio, and Veilleux completed this game, and Sakic got a goal for Colorado. I was hoping it would be his only goal, since I didn't want everyone in Minnesota to hate me.

Last night I watched a little bit of the Oilers game, but not too much, cause I wanted to save some bandwidth to watch Joe Thornton the Wild game tonight. It was probably a good choice from an academic standpoint, because instead I went to the library and read through a stack of academic journals to research for my chem presentation that's coming due. From a karmic standpoint, it was CLEARLY a good choice as the Oilers won 8-4 over the Yotes. The Oilers are rolling, and I fully support their playoff push, especially if it kicks Vancouver out.

Tonight: Wild @ San Jose 9:30 PM CDT on FSN. (Whoo! A game at a time that I can actually watch!) San Jose's roll got killed by the Oilers, and I'm hoping that means good things for the Wild. We need each and every point that we can get right now.

Several Wild Bloggers, spearheaded by Nick in New York (Hitting the Post), have created a message board so discussion among blogs etc can occur. We hope to have a podcast at someo point, so everyone should go and check it out!


Steph said...

The Oilers were on fire yesterday! Hemmer had three(? at least) points! The rookies were going crazy. Maybe they'll score that 8th spot and I can look forward to going to see us hopefully crush them at least twice?

Maggie said...

I was watching the Oilers game and toward the end it changed to a random info-mercial. How annoying was that.

Kirsten said...

Steph-NOOOOOOO crushing of the Oilers is allowed! But I fully support that you want them to make the playoffs.

LAME. I had to conserve bandwidth for tonight's game.

Steph said...

Well...if we did lose to them, I would go on to cheer for them (just like last time...somehow). But um, I'd rather we win.

Speaking of us, and winning, last week Zetterberg got a hair cut. Before the game today, he shaved. Then, after not scoring in 8 games, he got a hat trick. Hmm.

Kirsten said...

It must be a sign...looking like a homeless person=not scoring.

alix said...

You know, just when I decide to like you, you write something like this :P

"The Oilers are rolling, and I fully support their playoff push, especially if it kicks Vancouver out."

Psssh! Nazzy is very disappointed in you. Don't you want him and Trev to try and win their first Stanley Cup? :D

Kirsten said...

Haha sorry, but no, I don't want them to make a run, I was sort of hoping that the Wild were going to win first off, then the Oilers or Habs.