Saturday, March 1, 2008

This is Stupid

Gaborik should NOT be the captain! He's lazy, whiny, and only seems to play hard when he feels like it/plays on a line with his friends. The theory is that wearing the "C" will give Gaborik extra confidence. Really? If that's true, I don't think that's a good reason to give someone the "C". The best player on the team is not necessarily the best leader. The reason the team has to consider keeping Demitra this summer and run the risk of losing Bouchard is to keep Gaborik happy in the hopes that he will continue to play in Minnesota. Maybe I'm just angry with Gaborik about his comments during the All-Star Break, or maybe I've just really never liked him all that much. Whatever it is, I'm extremely displeased to see him get the "C", especially THIS month of all months. The one that when we make the playoffs, means they get to remain captain throughout the playoffs. A tradition started with Brad Bombardir, then Mark Parrish, both of whom are AWESOME. Long story short, I'm sure Jacques Lemaire knows far more about hockey than I do, but that doesn't stop me from being furious about his selection.

Anyways, the Wild won 3-2 last night on goals from Koivu, Burns, and Veilleux all had goals for the Wild. I got to watch the last 8 minutes of the game due to other commitments (too many early starts. Stupid East Coast bias.) , but Elise (18,568 Reasons Why...)kindly kept me updated. Thanks! I started to get really scared that they were going to blow the game and I was going to have to kill someone. Especially during the last three or so minutes when Backstrom had far too much to do. I flipped my calendar page today, and who should be there wearing the Captain's C? MARK PARRISH! WHOO!

Around the NHL:

  • Montreal kicked some serious butt last night! Good for them! I'm not a fan of banana slugs, so it made me happy.
  • Both Vancouver AND Calgary lost last night.
  • Joe Sakic seems super excited that Adam Foote is back.

Next game: LA Kings on Sunday at the X. The Kings had a tough 5-4 loss to the Oilers the other day, so they might be out for blood. Ckim informed me that several members of the team went back to the minors to compete in the playoffs there. They are my adopted west coast team, so I will definitely be making time to watch this game, and it will be much easier since it's on a Sunday. Game is on 6 PM CT (4 PT) on FSN in MN, and I don't know what in SoCal. I'm looking forward to the game, and I'm sure kms2 of Purple Crushed Velvet, and Ckim of A Queen Among Kings are as well. RudyKelly, the Kings correspondent for Battle of California, will probably have something up as well.


CKim said...

The best player on the team is not necessarily the best leader.

a.k.a. Jagr. But he's also not the best on the team right now...

I won't be watching the game as it is going down. =( I'm actually at my school right now for Alumni Day. Apparently it's a good idea for the alum to go back and celebrate the crew's 30th anniversary of existence. =P But I have it DVR'd and will watch when I get home!

Kirsten said...

Haha, awesome. I promise I won't spoil the game for you, then!

Anonymous said...

too true i couldn't agree more

maybe i'm always "give them the benefit of the doubt" but maybe he's secretly one hardcore slovakian

to me i think, if it pisses you off, and it pisses me off, then imagine how much it pisses the rest of the team of, and maybe they need to be pissed off to play good hockey and that's what lemaire's thinking.

ps it is nearly impossible to get tickets now that our old connection burnt down ! we met a guy with a boat once, we were working at the marina, playing road hockey and we helped him out and he saw how much we liked hockey and he hooked us up and then he moved away and now it's like impossible to me just across the border up in canada. can i email you about it for help? i know it's like shabby but i don't know how else to try.

Maggie said...

Am I on picture duty today? Oh, I know! I'm sure you want some of POS.