Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Players that are Awesome

So originally I was going to write an ode to Matt Niskanen, but I'm not good with pretty forms of writing like Odes, so I'm just going to make a list of the reason that he's awesome. I'm hoping this will cheer Cat up a little bit.
1.) He shoved Niedermayer down. Way to go!
2.) He likes fishing!
3.) Uses proper Minnesota words
4.) Has a fishing bobber hanging from his rearview mirror.
5.) Seems to be humble a genuinely nice guy.
6.) Very smiley and polite
7.) Wears green well. Wild sweater anyone?
8.) Cat gives him a good review after meeting him and getting him to sign a box of Cocoa Puffs...
9.) He's from MN!
10.) He played for UMD...I was accepted to go to school there, even though I usually cheer for the Gophs.

Sam Gagner is also super awesome. His list:
1.) He's going to be a stud in a few years
2.) Seems really dorky, but really chill.
3.) His dad described him as a "really fast turtle"
4.) Has an awesome draft day picture.
5.) Can cook broccoli
6.) Nickname is "Gags"
7.) Seems to really want to sign something for my friend
8.) Plays for the Oilers
9.) Can grow great hockey hair
10.) Dominated the Russians in the Super Series

I know there are more awesome players in the league, but these are two young guys that are fast becoming two of my favorite players in the league, even if one of them does play for the Stars. Who are your favorites? Did I forget to add anything for either of these two players?


Cat said...

Aww, Nisky. I love my Happy Meals, even if he did screw up pretty bad tonight. But he's just too awesome.

jdoghooey said...

With you on Nisky. I AM a UMD fan, so it hurt the program when he left early along with Mason Raymond. But they're both having very nice rookie years. Nisky would look great in a Wild jersey, although Dallas prob won't let him go for a long time. We'll have to get him for a coming home tour at the end of his career in 10 years.

elise said...

These are both excellent lists about two of the coolest rookies.

Of course, I seem to have an odd fondness for this years' rookies (such as Shep and Toews).

CKim said...

"Gags?" I don't have time to read all of these right now, but Gags stood out to me.

Kirsten said...

Cat-they say defencemen have the biggest learning curve of all, and he's only a rookie. Maybe he is aware of this face and is making up for it by being awesome.

Jdog-understandable. Stupid Dallas, maybe they will be dumb and trade him, Iginla was drafted by the Stars...we'll just have to get to him when he becomes a UFA.

Elise-it's a good year for rookies! So many awesome ones to choose from.

Ckim-that's what his teammates and Oilers fans call him.

CKim said...

I think Gags' dad saying that he was a "really fast turtle" is completely adorable.

Kirsten said...

Have you seen the whole interview about Gags, and when his dad explains that thing? It's awesome. He gets so excited when he's showing off his gold medal. I love it.

CKim said...

NOOO!!! Where is it? I must see it!

Cat said...

Stupid Dallas, maybe they will be dumb and trade him, Iginla was drafted by the Stars...we'll just have to get to him when he becomes a UFA.


In all seriousness, I would love to say that they won't trade him, but I'm one of those people that is all "THE SKY IS FALLING", so it wouldn't surprise me if they were TOTALLY STUPID and traded him. As for getting him when he's a UFA...I'll just have to cross my fingers that he'll stay.

Kirsten said...

Ckim-I posted it in the comments on your blog.

Cat-Well, you guys did fire the stupid GM, didn't you? I would LOVE to see him in MN, but I feel like he's the loyal sort who would stick around even after he's allowed to leave. Unlike some people....*coughGaborikcough*

CKim said...

Thanks agaaaaaaaaaaain!

Kirsten said...

No problemo. Gotta spread the Gags love.